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About us


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Our history

Since 1977

The restaurant “Al Vaticano” is one of the oldest in Riva del Garda and has been managed for 40 years by the Fava Bassetti family

In 1977, a young couple Mariano Bassetti a chef and Maria Luisa Fava a teacher, bought the restaurant and handled it with care and passion until the year 2000, when Mariano disappeared prematurely leaving management to Maria Luisa, then affixed by her sons Antonio, Arianna and Mariachiara who, to date, carry it forward with enthusiasm, love and efficiency.

The name of the restaurant was born about 100 years ago when the first management followed the restaurant with a certain rigor and religious atmosphere, sending it to the customers as well, almost as sacred place.

At the citizens it seemed like a devotional place that called it “Al Vaticano”.

The restaurant has maintained the same name until today.

Our Chefs

Chef Adriano

Chef Jimmy

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