Typical dishes and fresh fish of lake and sea

The millennial culture of Trentino food, preservation methods and recipes handed down from generation to generation until we get to our tables with a careful selection of ingredients.

Lake Garda does not reserve its visitors only to beautiful landscapes, but hides in its waters an appreciable fish fauna. We will be happy to let you discover, along with the tradition of our sea.

Our Specialty


Thinly sliced salted cured beef
Warm sautée mussels in tomato sauce with chilli
Tartare beef with vegetables
Salad of warm octopus pieces with fresh tomatoes

First courses

Risotto with mushrooms
Small spinach gnocchi dumplings with butter-sage sauce
Whole-wheat pasta with pistachio sauce
Fresh tagliolini pasta with lobster


The Vatican Restaurant reserves its Vegetarian customers a choice of dedicated dishes, ensuring the presence of ingredients exclusively of vegetable origin.

The quality of our ingredients will be appreciated also by non vegetarians, bringing to the table a breath of freshness!

First courses

First courses

“Heart” shape Ravioli with Buffalo milk mozzarella, tomatoes
Spinach Gnocchi
Risotto with Asparagus

Vegetarian main courses

Vegetarian main courses

Large Vaticano salad: lettuce, Feta cheese, nuts, apple, blueberries, celery

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